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"These beers tend to have a great deal more flavour than the big get a real mouthful of flavour from them"

- Paulo Tullio

​There is a growing demand in Ireland for artisan beers, both Irish and imported. At the Magpie Inn we are proud to offer beer lovers 20 different beers on draught and a large selection of bottled craft beers and ales. Our beer list is constantly evolving and each month we feature new beers. If you're having difficulty deciding what to try, our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always willing to help! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for new products.  To see our full Beer List, please click here.

Sample Beer List

Draft Beers from €4.80 a pint

Name Country ABV Type
Guinness Irish 4.3% Stout
Sam Adams American 4.8% Boston Lager
Metalman Pale Ale Irish 4.3% Pale Ale
Wicklow Wolf Arcadia Irish 4.5% Kolsch
Kinnegar Black Bucket Irish 6.5% Black Rye IPA
Eight Degrees Full Irish Irish 6% Single Malt IPA
Sierra Nevada American 5.0% Indian Pale Ale
Eight Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red Irish 5.0% Irish Red Ale
Helvic Gold (Cask) Irish 4.7% Blonde Ale
Carlsberg Danish 4.4% Lager
Heineken Dutch 4.7% Lager
MacIvors Cider Irish 4.8% Cider
Friar Weisse Irish 4.7% German Hefeweizen
O'Brother Brewing The Chancer Irish 5.4% American Pale Ale
Schneider Weisse German 5.4% Weissbier
Fischers Helles German 5.5% Helles
Metalman Alternator Irish 4.5% Wheat Beer
O'Hara's Spring Saison Irish 4.4% Saison
Finn Pilsner Irish 4.5% Pilsner
Guinness Dublin Porter Irish 3.8% Porter
Rascals Brewing Wunderbar IPA Irish 6.0% German IPA

Bottled Beers from €4.90 a bottle

Name Country ABV Type Size
O’ Hara’s Stout Irish 4.3% Stout 500ml
O’ Hara’s Pale Ale Irish 4.3% Irish Pale Ale 500ml
O’ Hara’s Curim Irish 4.3% Wheat Beer 500ml
Schneider Weiss German 5.4% Wheat Bier 500ml
Schneider Weiss Aventinus German 8.2% Doppelbock Beer 500ml
Goose Island America 5.9% Indian Pale Ale 35.5cl
Sierra Nevada America 5.6% Indian Pale Ale 35.5cl
Corona Mexico 4.6% Lager 33cl
Grolsch Holland 5% Lager 45cl
Tiger Beer Singapore 4.8% Lager 50cl
Duvel Belgium 8.5% Ale 33cl
Chimay Red Belgium 7% Trappist ale 33cl
Desperados France 5.9% Flv Beer(Tequila) 33cl
Veltins German 4.8% Premium Pilsner 500ml
Staropramen Czech 5% Premium Beer 500ml
Landlord English 4.1% Pale Ale 500ml
Brooklyn Lager America 5.2% Lager 335ml
Brooklyn Chocolate America 10% Stout 335ml
Stowford Press English 4.5% Cider 500ml
London Pride English 4.7% Ale 500ml
Bishops Finger English 5.4% Strong Ale 500ml
Spitfire English 4.5% Ale 500ml
Budvar Czech 5% Lager 500ml
Erdinger Weissbier German 5.3% Weiss bier 500ml
Erdinger NA German <.5% Weiss bier 500ml
Krombacher German 4.8% Pilsner 500ml
Peroni Italy 5.1% Lager 330ml
Pilsner Urquell Czech 4.4% Pilsner 500ml
Miller America 4.3% Lager 330ml
Hofbrau German 5.1% Original Munich Beer 500ml
Black Rock Irish 4.3% Stout 500ml
Mahon Falls Irish 5.1% Rye Pale Ale 500ml
Copper Coast Irish 4.3% Red Ale 500ml
Sam Adams American 4.7% Lager 335ml
Belfast Black Irish 4.2% Dry Stout 500ml
Sierra Nevada American 6.7% Wet Hop Ale 852ml
Orpens Irish 5.5% Apple Cider 500ml
Wildwood Apple English 6.5% Organic Apple Cider 500ml
Wildwood Pear English 6.0% Organic Pear Cider 500ml
Mac Ivors Dry Irish 5.6% Apple Cider 500ml
Mac Ivors Medium Irish 4.5% Apple Cider 500ml
Augustiner German 5.6% Lager 500ml
Belfast Lager Irish 4.5% Lager 500ml
Clothworthy Dobbin Irish 5.0% Strong Ale 500ml
Leffe Blonde Belgian 6.6% Blond Beer 330ml
Proper Job English 5.5% Strong Ale 500ml
Ginger Beard English 4.2% Ginger Beer 500ml
Stinger English 4.5% Organic Ale 500ml
Golden Glory English 4.5% Fruit Ale 500ml
Bohemian Barefoot Irish 4% Pilsner 330ml
Baltika N/A Russian <.5% Lager 500ml
Whitstable Ale English 4.5% Organic Ale 500ml
Belfast Ale Irish 4.5% Red Ale 500ml
Coors Light American 4.3% Lager 330ml
Kopperberg Swedish 5.3% Cider 500ml
Miller American 4.3% Lager 330ml
Green’s Ale Belgium 4.8% Ale(Gluten Free) 330ml
Green’s Pils Belgium 4.8% Pilsner(Gluten Free) 330ml
Sierra Torpedo American 7.2% Extra IPA 355ml
Old Rosie English 7.3% Cloudy Cider 500ml

Champagne Yeast Fermented Beer (Very refreshing)

Sorachi Ace , 7.6% Farmhouse Ale, 775ml, Gl Sorachi Ace, served in a Champagne Flute 150ml,

Gluten Free Beers- Available please ask.


Name Country ABV Type Size
Old Rosie English 7.3% Cloudy Cider 500ml
Mac Ivors Dry Irish 5.6% Apple Cider 500ml
Mac Ivors Medium Irish 6.5% Apple Cider 500ml
Wildwood Apple English 6.0% Organic Apple Cider 500ml
Wildwood Pear English 6.0% Organic Pear Cider 500ml

Whiskey Selection

Irish Scotch
Jameson Red Black and White
Powers Gold Label Teachers
Paddy Famous Grouse
Bushmills Red Johnnie Walker Red
Black Bush Glenfiddich 12yrs
Jameson Crested 10 Glenlivet 12yrs
Jameson 1780 12yrs Glenmorangie 12yrs
Redbreast Pot Still 12yrs Macallan 12yrs
Green Spot Pot Still
Midleton Very Rare
Irish Malts American/Other
Bushmills 10yrs 40% Jack Daniels
Lockes 8yr 40% Sothern Comfort
Tyrconnell 11yrs 46% Jim Beam
Connemara Cask 57.9% Canadian Club
Bushmills 16yrs 40% Wild Turkey

Cocktail List

Name Ingredients Price
Cosmopolitan Vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and cranberry juice. €9
Magpie Mojito Rum, Fresh Mint Leaves, Sugar, Fresh Lime, crushed ice. €9
French Martini Vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice. €9
Espresso Martini Espresso, Kahlua, white creme de cacao €9
Long Island Iced Tea Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime Juice, Cola. €12
Mai Tai Bacardi, Cointreau and Ameretto with the juice of half a lime, Pineapple and Cranberry juice. €10
Bloody Mary Vodka, tomato Juice, Worchester Sauce, Tabasco, Fresh Ground Pepper. €8